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Patent strategy made simple.

Want to protect the technology fueling your startup?

We handle everything to build the right patent portfolio for you.

About Us

We are a boutique patent firm based in Silicon Valley. We work closely with our clients to formulate IP strategies around their business goals, draft high-quality patents, and guide them through the approval processes at the US and foreign patent offices.

Our Philosophy

We are different.

We will redefine what you expect from a legal service. Working with us will be more like partnering with a like-minded engineer/designer/technologist rather than hiring a law firm.

Patent strategy for a startup is not the same as patent strategy for a Fortune 500 firm. It’s about maximizing resources and prioritizing patent filings so that you get the highest quality patents in a minimum viable portfolio.

We want to build a close relationship with your team and technology. Your success is our highest priority and you will always get the highest level of service no matter the stage of your company.

Our Services

Our services include patent strategy, utility and design patent drafting, filing and prosecution with US and foreign patent offices, and portfolio management.

Have a question? Ask away! We use a flat-rate pricing structure and never charge our clients for any meeting, phone call, or email.

Our goal is to simplify IP so that you can focus on building your product.


Brian Van Osdol


After prosecuting hundreds of patent applications with nearly one hundred startups at all stages of funding and development, Brian Van Osdol saw the need for an approachable patent firm that puts startups first. He founded Alpine Patents in order to serve this need.

Brian is an engineer first. After completing his bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University focusing on semiconductor devices, he completed his masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University specializing in mechatronics. He later enrolled in Stanford’s Computer Science masters program specializing in user interfaces until he left to become the first technical hire at an early stage startup. He channeled his love for technology into the IP space as a registered patent agent.

Leveraging his deep and diverse background in engineering, product and business development, and patent law, he brings a fresh perspective to patent strategy for technology startups. Brian has experience building patent portfolios for startups in many fields, including hardware, software, web platform, consumer electronics, cleantech, IoT, manufacturing, user interfaces, medical device design, computer vision, and robotics.